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ABOUT the owner

"Although we just opened our doors, I have been dreaming up Milk Beauty Bar for years. After giving a career in office admin the good ol’ college try, I jumped on an opportunity to break through into the beauty industry and never looked back.


Starting off as an apprentice in a busy private hair salon, I was entranced immediately. Two years later I took a chance on the (then) slow growing lash extension industry. I got certified and decided this was my niche. I worked at mastering the craft and found a well lit, back hallway of a salon to start my business “Lashed By Jo” (later shortened to LBJ). I prayed this was a fad that would stick, and well, it would appear I bet on the right horse. 


Three years and a few location changes later, and here we are. The beginning of my next chapter; an opportunity to merge all my passions into one. An intimate all inclusive beauty bar that prides itself on 3 things: client relationships & experience, natural beauty of our space and guests, and a community where stylists can thrive independently or with support. I am so excited to continue building my team and to share what I am so passion about!


Thanks for coming along for the ride, I can’t wait to see you."

- Jo x

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